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Glass Painting Parties


Glass Painting Parties


We offer fresh and functional glassware for you to paint.

What makes ceramic & glass painting so fun and unique? Instant gratification!

  • Our glass & ceramic paints are high quality, glossy, and vibrant.  Unlike ceramic glazes that appear dull until fired, our paints are vibrant, mix well together, layer nicely, and dry glossy in a matter a minutes. No guessing, what you see is what you get!

  • And when placed on the outside of a food or drink object, they are food/drink safe!

  • At home oven baking is suggested for most items to ‘cure’ the item and make it extra durable- no worries, we give you easy and safe directions.

What do we paint on?

  • Pre-glazed white ceramic mugs that are the perfect blank canvas for your ideas

  • Glass items that offer an ‘inside/outside’ view of what you have painted- when using layers, the possibilities are endless!

The best thing of all? You don’t have to wait to have your item fired in a special kiln- as soon as you finish your creation you can bring it home to enjoy.

What we offer:

Ceramic & Glass Painting Parties

  • For all ages and occasions in our eclectic art loft

  • Choose from a variety of glass & white ceramic (variety of mug styles, wine glasses, candleholders, etc.)

  • Everyone paints whatever fun ideas they want, and we provide unlimited color, help, and ideas.

  • No min #, max 20 ppl, flat rate of $250 to paint 20 items

  • Contact: Alisha@KAPOWArtNow.com to book

Baking Directions & Basic Info:

Paint 'air cures' in 3 weeks, or better yet, bake your items in your home oven to make them extra durable.


  • Place your fully dried ceramic or glass object(s) in a room temperature oven on clean racks for a cookie sheet.

  • Once they are in the oven, close the door and preheat to 325 degrees. Pay close attention-

  • Once it is done preheating (reaching 325 degrees), start timing for 30 minutes. Occasionally the baking process creates a mild plastic-like smell- this is normal.

  • Once 30 minutes are up, turn off the heat and let the objects cool until room temp.

  • Once room temp, you can take them out. Gentle hand wash only, use a soft cloth with mild soap and warm water and start using!

*It is important to heat up and cool down the objects slowly so they don't crack or shatter due to extreme temperature difference!